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Health benefits of Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic – what other name would have been more fitting? Evidence of the wisdom of our ancestors has been accumulating recently, as new findings demonstrate the beneficial health effects of Balsamic Vinegar and its significance in years past, when modern-day drug therapies and treatments were not available.
Recent interesting research works have confirmed that Balsamic Vinegar contains polyphenols and other biomedically interesting substances in addition to those considered to be beneficial to health in the past. The acetic acid absorbed by the meat during cooking makes it easier to digest. Acidity stimulates the secretion of saliva and gastric juices, improving digestion.
Regular, moderate consumption with meals trains the stomach to produce less hydrochloric acid because the less aggressive acetic acid contained in Balsamic Vinegar helps establish the proper pH for digestion, with beneficial effects on stomach acidity. A fair concentration of potassium salts helps replenish salts lost in perspiration and fight exhaustion in the hot summer weather. Simple sugars provide readily available energy for the body and the mind. It also contains most of the microminerals that are essential to important physiological functions.
In-depth clinical research demonstrated that high polyphenol content has antioxidant effects, helps eliminate free radicals in blood and has the potential to protect against heart disease.

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