Our Certifications

Acetaia Giuseppe Cremonini applies stringent controls to ensure the highest quality and food safety standards are met throughout the production chain, as is evidenced by the many process and product quality certifications obtained:

  • PGI – Protected Geographical Indication
  • BRC – Global Standard for Food Safety
  • IFS – International Food Standard
  • NOP – USDA Organic
  • Bureau Veritas – ISO 22005:2007 – n. 421/001- Traceability certification attesting that the production cycle has its origin in the province of Modena for “Puro Modena” Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI: the whole production chain, from the production of raw materials like grape must, to the maturing process and packaging, is located in Spilamberto, in the Modena area.
  • Kosher