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Aceto di Birra

Beer Vinegar

A vinegar made from Doppelbock beer, an extra strong beer characterized by a very intense taste. Its distinctive scent and flavor, reminiscent of beer with malt and hop notes, make this vinegar perfect for all types of salad.
Giuseppe Cremonini Beer Vinegar is part of our innovative line of fermented vinegars, rich of vitamins and antioxidants, and matured in oak barriques; these special vinegars are characterized by a pleasant, fresh and delicate aromatic scent, typical of their own variety.
Perfect to make vinaigrettes and marinades for white and red meats. Great with fresh salads and to give an innovative touch to fish dishes.

Taste and characteristics
– Fresh and typical aromatic beer scent
– Produced from the prestigious German “bock” beer quality
– 100% natural
– Fermented in oak barriques
– Rich in antioxidants
– Acidity 5%

Recommended use
Perfect to make vinaigrettes and meat marinades; suggested on fresh vegetables and mixed salads

Bottle sizes
Cubana 250 ml

100% Beer Vinegar
Contains Sulphites

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